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"If it is run by the sun, we: sell it, install it, and service it!"
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"And have since 1976!"



The one thing that has separated us from the rest of the pack is our ability to provide on time quality service. Whether it is just a recharge of a glycol filled domestic solar system, or a total installation of a new system, we treat all of our customers as if our very existence depends on that particular sale! Your initial phone call will be handled by our Office Manager Stephanie. Depending on what needs to be done, you will be given a date and approximate time. We will do our very best to work within your busy schedule and give you a late afternoon or Saturday appointment. Bad weather or emergencies do take a bite out of our schedule occasionally causing some problems, but if this happens we will reschedule you ASAP. 

We are proud to be the referral service contractor for Sears Solar, Dell Solar, Meenhan Solar, Slomins Oil and Reynolds Solar. We also are fully stocked to handle any other type of system regardless if it's a Grumman, Solar Beam Tracker or any type of solar pool heater made. We have a good inventory of new and reconditioned parts and we can custom fabricate most parts for system out of manufacture.

On the next page you will see our "Spring Specials" for both solar service and pool/solar openings. Please book early as we do get very busy after April first.


As usual, we are running "Earlybird" specials on our service procedures and some of our Do-It-Yourself pool systems. We, just like every other small business on Long Island are being notified by our suppliers that prices will be going up. In many cases, Sun Solar Products, Inc. buys directly from the manufacturer and those price increases should be only a few dollars. The big cost increase will be in plastics and related items. This impacts the PVC products and some chemicals. The one big price increase we have already absorbed is on Dowfrost. This is the food grade heat transfer fluid we use when recharging glycol systems. Antifreeze is used heavily in the plastics industry. If you are considering any service, please take advantage of these spring discounts as we will be forced to raise our cost when they are finished.

As I have predicted for many years, this industry is growing rapidly as the true value of solar energy emerges from the tax credit frenzy left over from the 1980s. Now that this has begun, we have a number of new companies and resurgence of old companies into the market. There is plenty of work for everyone. Please be sure to verify that whoever you choose to do work on your home is LICENCED AND INSURED.This is the easiest way for an unethical company to eliminate a large piece of their overhead, and it leaves the homeowner at great personal risk. We are proud to be fully licenced and insured in both counties, Suffolk# 7377HI and Nassau# 76830000 and we are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and New York Solar Energy Association (NYSEA).


This is a product that is starting to make big news again in the Northeast. Our swimming season is naturally short and as we get a bit older we like the water a bit warmer. The cost of gas or oil to heat a pool is ridiculous, so most people don't use their pools except for the few weeks in the middle of the summer. Or, if they have spent the money to have a fossil fuel heater they then have to "Live by the switch", only turning it on a few hours before the time they want to use it.

People with properly sized and installed solar pool heaters extend their season generally a month on either end and will have a pool that is 10 to 15 degrees above the air temperature all of the time. Because the systems have no fuel cost, they are ready when you are! In the past 18 years, we have installed hundreds of these units. Call today for a free sizing and product information kit 


Back by popular demand! We are offering our two service plans again to our valued customers. Now you can have the security of a service plan by a LICENCED and INSURED company. We have radio dispatched trucks that can service your needs better as well as our 800 service number that is answered by a real person (during normal business hours). We so much for the sales pitch!


This plan is offered to any customer we have serviced in the past calender year. The term serviced is a system tune up or recharge. This would be normally done during a tank or panel repair or change.

This plan allows for one system inspection at or near the time of the contract expiration. If there is any need for repairs there is no service charge fee. Parts are discounted 15% during the entire term of the contract. Only! $69.50


This is for any customer who has a solar system, either pool or domestic hot water. The plan will cover everything with the exception of tanks or panel parts. The plan is the same as above but includes;

*One switch controls that are currently manufactured. *Sensors and actuators

*Closed loop pumps under 1/12 HP * Pressure relief valves.

Scheduled service and recharges are discounted 15%

Damage caused by wind, rain or fire is not covered. The system must be inspected and brought up to normal operating condition as per Sun Solar Product, Inc. This will be billed at our normal rates.


These are the highlights of our plans, please call today for a complete breakdown of how this will benefit you. It is our sincere hope it will help reduce a sudden high repair bill.

Give us a Call.